Nebraska Official Fired After Comments

Earlier we reported that there was a Democratic official from Nebraska that made horrifying comments about Steve Scalise, a victim of the Alexandria shooting. Phil Montag, who was recorded as saying “I’m glad he got shot,” has since been fired. This was obviously going to happen very soon but it feels good to know that he is officially gone. How could anyone think to say something like that about a victim of a shooting. Steve Scalise was completely innocent and caught in the middle of all of this. These disgusting comments come from a long stream of liberal hate towards the right.

Phil Montag’s comments were truly disturbing. He said much more on Steve Scalise that we will not get into in this article. But he deserved to be fired to say the least. It is possible that these comments could even come across as threatening, something that we have seen a lot of lately.

Liberals need to understand that what they say hurts and we cannot continue on like that. We need to come together so that we can figure out how to go about dealing with threats like this. Something about the way the left goes about dealing with things that they do not like is really scary. They act like they cannot be touched by the law.

Where could they have possible gotten that from? A lot of it stems from the way Barack Obama acted around the cameras. He thought that he was above the law and did everything that he wanted. Now the GOP are the ones suffering. Maybe the blame does not go directly to the liberals for the shooting but the hatred that we are seeing comes from the way they act. There is no doubt about that.

Steve Scalise was a victim in a horrible crime and what does he get for it? He gets insulted by governmental officials on the left. It is a good thing that we saw him get fired quickly or these comments would have spread quickly.

Are you glad to see this hateful man be fired?

(h/t Breitbart)