Obama Could See His Pension Go Away

Barack Obama is a very rich man. For one speaking event alone he makes close to $400,000 per year, an insane amount of money. We haven’t even mentioned the astronomical amount of money he and Michelle make from their book deal. These are all things we have to keep in mind when we think about the $200,000 he makes per year with his pension alone. Does a man that is worth over $40 million really need to make a pension worth that much. It seems iffy at best. There are reasons pensions were set in place, but those reasons are long gone with the insane amount of money presidents have now.

You can bet that President Donald Trump won’t take a cent of his pension after he leaves office. He would feel to guilty taking something he doesn’t need. But that is not how Obama feels. Obama will do anything to be as greedy as possible.

We are finally starting to see some action taken on this stance, however. One conservative is taking things into his own hands. Jason Chaffetz has come out with a new bill that would get rid of pensions if a president makes over $400,000 a year. It seems obvious that $400,000 is plenty of money and someone making that much does not need anymore out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

Barack Obama and his family cost Americans millions of dollars every time they wanted to go on a little “getaway.” Liberals try to cover this up by blaming Melania and Barron for spending even more when they were living in New York City. First of all, this is a totally different situation. The reason, which was made very clear throughout, was because they wanted their son, Barron Trump, to stay at his current school to finish out the school year.

When we see presidents making these massive salaries it makes us feel wasteful. The American taxpayers have more important things to worry about than paying Barack Obama’s “love money” pension. It seems like all Americans would be on board with this, but that is likely not the case. We can already hear the liberals complaining.

(h/t USA Today)