President Trump Gives Veterans The Good News

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, we have seen the full wrath of the angry liberals and let’s just say, it’s not pretty. But that has not stopped the president from keeping his campaign promises time after time after time. This is simply unprecedented, folks. Never before have we seen a president of the United States making such great strides in such little time with such little support. And though the support for Trump is indeed the silent majority, we can see every day on our television how the others feel. But in the midst of all of the madness that surrounds him, Trump slipped through the cracks yet another bill aimed to help our veterans.

This is something he has been preaching for a long time. Veterans in this country were treated very unfairly under Barack Obama and it is about time this changed. Relatively speaking, never before has a president neglected the care of our veterans as much as Obama. But what else could we expect from him.

With the help of the House of Representatives, President Trump passed a bill that will give more power to the leaders at the Department of Veteran Affairs. This was done in order to stop the rampant and overpowering scandals and misconduct that has taken place over the years.

During a recent speech, the president talked at length what it means to be a veteran. He also noted that many of our decorated heroes have died because they missed the opportunity to have a simple doctor’s appointment. Trump finally said that’s enough.

The fact that our veterans died waiting for an opportunity to see a doctor is mind-boggling. How did it ever get to the point it is now? Obviously we still have a long way to go before we are to the point we need to be, but Trump has set in motion a movement. A movement that hopefully will start changing and saving the lives of our veterans. They deserve so much more than what they are currently getting.

Do you agree that our veterans need to see better care and see it fast?

(h/t CNN)