Democratic Judge Arrested After Crimes On Children

We have been seeing more and more liberal scandals since Barack Obama left office. There is no stop to what these people are capable of. Conservatives better be glad that President Donald Trump is in office now because if not, we could be in some major trouble. We all know that Obama was a fraud that would do whatever he could in order to make himself to look like the best. But this practice is starting to come back to bite him. Democrats are starting to realize what kind of trouble they have gotten themselves in. This next story about a democratic judge doing things to children will not make it any better.

Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. has been arrested and sentenced to 28 years in prison for his actions. He received almost $1 million in payments over the years to send juveniles to certain detention centers. This is a huge break in trust. Ever since this story has broken, people have been furious at the idea their children had to deal with this kind of monster.

His lawyers even had the audacity to say that he had already received enough of a punishment based on how the media had been treating him. This is laughable at best as he knew exactly what he was doing. Ciavarella has denied that the money was related to the sentences he handed out.

“The media attention to this mater has exceeded coverage given to many and almost all capital murders, and despite protestation, he will forever be unjustly branded as the ‘Kids for Cash’ judge,” his lawyers’ memo read.

What a disgusting man. Did he really think that he was going to get away with something like this? Now the country has had to throw out thousands of sentences from the years that he was active. We think 28 years is a little light considering what he did to this children. Many of the kids that he got a hold of later dropped out of school. When people have to trust a person they expect them to be honest. They were duped big time.

(h/t NBC News)