First Lady Melania And Barron Are Enjoying Their New Home

The Trumps have had a lot of problems in the last few months. The First Family was a constant target, and liberal reporters gave their best to mock the President and his loved ones. Democrats never supported President Trump, and spread fake news. But, the Trumps are doing just fine, and First Lady Melania and Barron spoke about their impressions.

Democrats said that the first couple is having problems. Some even said that First Lady Melania will never move into the White House. But, they forgot that First Lady Melania is just a caring mother. She wanted Barron to finish his school before they move into the White House. Barron couldn’t move in the middle of the school year. President Trump told reporters that his wife and son will move in the White House in June, and so it happened.

Barron was mocked by Democrats. Although he is just 11, his father’s political opponents keep calling him names. He was called “autistic,” and “homeschool shooter.” How can someone mock a little boy? Barron has nothing to do with politics.

First Lady Melania and her son, Barron have officially moved into the White House. They’re enjoying their new home, and finally had their first interview since moving in the capital.

This interview is filling headlines across the country, and the First Lady revealed a few interesting details about her new home. She said that they are “enjoying it very much,” and that her son Barron, “loves it, yes, all settled. He loves it there.”

It was about time that something good happens. Barron is already having fun in the new home, and things go in the right direction. But, the President’s youngest son had the opportunity to spend some nice time in the White House a month ago. He invited his fifth grade class on a special tour in the White House. About 80 children had lunch in the White House, and talked to President Donald Trump.

What do you think about this? Do you think Democrats will mock First Lady Melania and her son again? How will things develop in near future?

(h/t Cosmopolitan, The Guardian)