First Lady Melania Fires Michelle’s Usher

First Lady Melania and Barron finally moved into the White House, and they’re enjoying their new home. President Donald Trump promised to introduce major changes in the country, and his wife is doing exactly the same. The First Lady made a huge change in the White House staff, and Michelle Obama will hate it.

Democrats said that the First Lady will never move with her husband, and some even said that the President’s daughter, Ivanka, will carry the First Lady role. First Lady Melania and Barron are already living in their new home, so none of the rumors was true. It was about time that something like this happens, and President Donald Trump is finally together with his wife and son. He needs their support at any time of the day, and now they have plenty of time to make memories in their new home.

First Lady Melania decided to employ a new usher, which means Michelle’s staffer is already out. The First Lady hired the director of rooms at the Trump Organization’s Washington hotel, Timothy Harleth.

Harleth will take his new position on July 3rd, and he will be responsible for over 90 White House staffers. First Lady Melania is more than happy to have Harleth at this position, because she trusts him. Harleth will have a great role in the White House, and he was probably the best person to take the spot. “I am so pleased that Timothy will be joining our team. He was selected because of his impressive work history and management skills. My husband and I know he will be successful in this vital role within the White House,” First Lady Melania said in the press release.

Harleth is also happy to work in the White House. “I am so honored at the opportunity to serve the First Family in their new home. I look forward to applying my experience with hospitality, leadership, and political protocol in order to ensure the First Family’s needs are met, while also protecting and preserving the rich history of the White House,” he said.

What do you think about this? Do you think Harleth is the right person for this position?

(h/t The New York Times)