Gretchen Carlson Encourages Women To Stand Strong

Fox News filled headlines across the country, and things didn’t work in favor of the network. Fox executives had to deal with too many problems lately. It’s interesting how most of the scandals are based on sexual harassment allegations.

Bill O’Reilly was fired after Murdoch finished the internal investigation into the scandal. Although O’Reilly’s lawyers gave their best to prove his innocence, the Murdochs just didn’t want to see the evidence they provided.

This wasn’t the first time a Fox News host is fired due such allegations. Roger Ailes had a similar destiny. Fox News faced a big fat lawsuit at the time Ailed was its chairman. Gretchen Carlson was determined to fight for her justice, and filed the lawsuit against him.

This was a traumatic experience for Gretchen Carlson and her children. But, this actually served as an example for her daughter, Kaia. The girl was bullied at school, and managed to confront the mean girls.

“I did not want them to face any injustice in the world because of what I did,” Carlson said. But, bullies kept bugging her daughter, and she was supposed to “tell all the kids what happened to her mom.”

The situation wasn’t good, but Kaia was strong. She hold it in herself for several weeks, and finally confronted the bullies. One day, she came from school, and told her mother that the problem is gone, saying that she only did it because she saw her mommy do it.

Carlson’s experience helped many women. Now they can stand strong against every problem that comes out of nowhere. All those unfortunate women just needed someone to give them a hand. This wasn’t the best way to make people aware of their strength, but at least Carlson somehow managed to turn her tragedy into a lesson for American women.

Carlson wrote a book, and attended many events. Her book is based on her experience with everyone who supported her and the women who shared their stories with her.

What do you think about this story? Do you think Gretchen Carlson will make everyone get her point?

(h/t Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times)