Mueller To Be Removed From Russia Probe?

President Donald Trump said he would change things in the country, and he is on it. barack Obama left quite a mess behind, and President Trump had to work really hard to get things in order. Every institution in the country went through a changing procedure, but Mueller became a real problem. The former FBI Director did a really bad job, and now karma is after him.

Robert Mueller wasn’t the best pick for the position he holds at the moment. He has a former FBI Director, and a close friend to James Comey. Is there a thing with the former directors of the Bureau? It seems like they’re plotting against President Trump, but their plans don’t go the way they hoped.

Mueller wasn’t supposed to work on the position of special prosecutor. He can’t be in charge of something that involves one of his best friends. This is nothing but a conflict of interest, and something like this shouldn’t happen, not in the case of Comey.

The investigation into Russia’s meddling is one of the hottest topics these days, and conflict of interest is the last thing we need. The situation is pretty tense, and the issue is too fragile to be handled with ignorance.

James Comey was somehow caught in the middle of every scandal so far. The former FBI Director stepped on the President’s nerves at the time he neglected his function at the Bureau, and turned it into a political station. Comey was unable to carry his function properly, and now he is out of the Bureau. President Donald Trump has a few good reasons to remove Comey from the top position at FBI, but Democrats didn’t approve this move.

Mueller and Comey make for a terrible duo. They are up to something that doesn’t quite go in favor of President Trump. The Russian meddling was invented, and Democrats used it to cover up their mess. The investigation has to be brought to an end, because Comey and James Clapper already said that they have no evidence on the friendship between President Trump and Russia.

What do you think about this? Will the investigation be brought to an end?

(h/t The Hill)