Patton Is A Honorable Member Of Trump’s Family

President Donald Trump and his family have been through a lot lately. The First Family struggles to maintain the peace and love in their family. Liberal reporters will never let them be, and the Trumps are living under pressure. But, sometimes good things happen, and maybe everything will be just fine.

Barron Trump was a constant target since his father was inaugurated. Democrats didn’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton built her campaign on harsh criticism against President Trump. Other Democrats called Barron names, and “autistic” was their favorite. We still don’t understand how some people would use a child to play their political games.

But, Barron is a happy boy, and he now moved in the White House. The whole moving thing filled headlines across the country, and many said that Barron and his mother, First Lady Melania will stay in New York forever. But, the First Lady put an end to the rumors at the very same moment she landed in Washington DC.

Now the First Family has many reasons to be happy again. They’re finally together, and Barron just got his new puppy. The 11-year-old boy has every right to be happy and joyful. He is just a child. He can’t speak the language of politics. That’s why he just got his very own puppy, and social networks went crazy for the gorgeous golden retriever baby. The Goldendoodle joined the First Family, and brought them joy.

Lois Pope, a philanthropist and animal welfare advocate, discussed with the President upon the idea of adopting the puppy. Patton is now a honorable member of the First Family, and Barron can’t spend even a minute without him.

“He is not a ‘hero dog,’ but he comes from a lineage of hero dogs, dogs who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Pope said. Barron had a big wide smile on his face at the moment he held Patton in his hands for the first time.

What do you think about the new puppy? Do you think liberals will come up with a lame story again?

(h/t World Politicus)