Bill O’Reilly Talks Trump Travel Ban

We finally got the good news that President Donald Trump’s travel ban would be put in place after all. This is good in many different ways. It shows us that we can still trust our Supreme Court to reflect honestly on the American people, which is why they are there in the first place. It also just goes to show how biased the liberal judges that blocked the ban are. It should have never come to this but loo who gets the last laugh. Liberals have been swearing that this ban is unconstitutional and racist but that is a blatant lie. We are seeing every day why a ban like this needs to be put in place.

Bill O’Reilly has been a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump ever since he announced that he was running for president. A lot has happened since then, but his feeling have not changed. There are many reasons liberals try to attack President Trump but jealousy is up at the top. Bill O’Reilly recently tweeted about Trump’s travel ban and how it just goes to prove liberals bias when it comes to Trump.

These kinds of tweets are why Bill O’Reilly has made such a name for himself in the conservative community. There are too many obvious reasons why liberals are attacking President Trump. It seems like everyone would want to keep the United States safe from the terrorists. But apparently, liberals do not have that feeling.

Ever since Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox News, he has been trying to find a good way to get his thoughts out there. It looks like he might have finally found a good way. His podcast is killing it with the ratings right now, something that Fox News cannot say the same about. Maybe it was a good move for O’Reilly to get fired from Fox because now he is own his own.

Are you proud to see Bill stick up for the president?

(h/t Twitter)