Bloomberg Makes Million Dollar Contest For Cities

The former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has a new thing that he is working on. This just goes to show you how far liberals are willing to go to get past the Trump administration’s policies. We have known for a long time that they are going to try to destroy him and everything he does but this is going to another level. Why can we not see some respect for the President of the United States?

Bloomberg has officially announced that he is going to start a contest for cities around the country. He wants to see cities start doing more to go around President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord. This is something that liberals have not given up on yet. But this is what they need to realize — it’s over. There is nothing that they can do about it now. Obama is no longer here to protect them and it is showing.

He has announced that 35 cities will win $100,000 while 4 cities will get $1,000,000. The grand prize is for one city and goes for a staggering $5,000,000. He needs to realize that he cannot get away with something like this without getting in some trouble. This goes directly against the directions of the President.

We have been seeing cities around the United States pulling moves like this ever since Trump made the decision. They do not realize that Trump had a very good reason for doing this. He wants to make sure that Americans are always taken care of before anybody else. Trump has made it a goal of his to ensure the safety of all Americans and has been accomplishing this in a big way.

Liberals want to do everything against the wishes of the president and it needs to stop. Why can we not come together and work something out where both sides will be satisfied. Democrats apparently do not care about the United States economy because that is what they are acting like.

Are you tired of seeing liberals go over President Donald Trump’s head like this? What dhould happen to them?

(h/t The Hill)