Massive Drug Bust At Mexico Border Concerns Authorities

President Donald Trump is still making plans to build his wall at the Mexican border. We have seen no reason from stopping this as illegals are still flooding into the United States. Things have taken a dip under Trump already but we still have many things to work on. This wall will go directly to saving American lives. Liberals love to act like illegal immigrants are not a threat to this country but there are numerous studies pointing to the opposite. We are at a turning point and something has to be done. Under Barack Obama, illegal immigrants roamed free and faced no consequences.

There has now been a report that gives us a very good reason to stop illegal immigration at the base. There has been a recent drug bust involving cars. It has been reported that 1,100 pounds of Marijuana has been found in the spare tire area of 22 Ford Fusion vehicles. This is very disturbing because maybe we just got lucky this time. How often does this happen?

We know that Mexico is a very large importer of illegal substances into the United States and it starts with illegal immigration. Until we close our borders for good we can expect to see this happen more and more. Liberals will say that it doesn’t matter but it does. This is the exact reason why we need to see the wall go up. Obama tried to act like he was tough on immigration but we saw that it was not true at all.

Drug busts such as this one have gone up under President Trump because he is much harder on this kind of thing. Trump actually cares about the safety of the American people and this wall would ensure that. Until liberals realize that illegal immigration poses a bigger threat than they think, we will continue to see these drugs pouring into our nation.

Immigration is a very important thing for President Trump and his administration. He has made it clear that he wants immigrants to be vetted to the full extent.

What do you think?

(h/t Truth About Cars)