Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Appearance At BET Awards

What we are seeing in the White House is new. For eight years straight we had to deal with a family that deserved to be no where near the White House. They continually embarrassed not only themselves, but also millions of Americans across the country. But the Trump family has been doing an amazing job during their time in the White House. The class that they have shown through the hate is remarkable and something that we never saw from the likes of Obama and company. It is truly a treat to watch. However, that does not mean that the Obamas are in any way done. They, and Michelle especially, are still trying to attack the new administration.

We know how jealous of a person Michelle Obama is. Time and time again she has come out with insults directed at Trump and his family. That comes after the Obamas have said that they will now stay out of politics. Obviously this is just another liberal lie and in no way the truth. But Michelle has taken it to the next level a few times recently. She is classless beyond repair and it is a good thing she is no longer living in the White House.

Michelle recently went on the BET channel to talk about a few things. She always was one to hog the limelight and that is exactly what she did this time as well. She went on the talk about the Humanitarian award and congratulate Chance The Rapper.

She tried to make it all about her once again. This is not something new that she has done. We saw this over and over again while Barack Obama was in office. But she is still on the prow and we need to be careful. How can she continue to attack the new administration like she is? Every policy she tried to put in place failed miserably. Maybe it is about time for her to give up.

What do you think of her jealousy? If you think Michelle Obama was a disgrace to our country share this everywhere!

(h/t Daily Mail)