The Obamas Land In Indonesia

We are seeing just how bad the Obama administration was ladies and gentlemen. After all is said and done it would not be surprising to see some prison for some of the people involved. It really is sad that it has had to come to this point but that is where we are as a country. The Obamas just think that they can get away with whatever they want. Conservatives need to show then that that is not the case or they will never learn. They signed a huge book deal worth millions and are still stealing paychecks from the American taxpayers. Why can they yet away with this? Because they are liberal.gods.

But they have apparently been trying to stay relatively quiet since leaving office, at least that is what they say. But we know what their true motivation are and it’s bad. The Obamas recently went on another vacation in Indonesia on the taxpayers dime. This is starting to get ridiculous. He needs to get his pension taken away for good. There is no reason he deserves to have the taxpayers giving him money.

Apparently he is visiting the country because he will be giving speeches at many different venues. Just another way for him to make money. The family is reportedly staying in a villa thst costs thousands of dollars per night. Seems a bit pricey for the average American.

But Obama is far from an average American. He can do whatever he wants at the expense of us, the taxpayers. That is what is so wrong with this situation. We are seeing him take advantage of the system right before our very eyes and he is getting away with it.

Conservatives need to come together so that we can come up with a way that we can get rid of this man’s pension because he does not need it. It is ridiculous that we are waiting for him to destroy Trump.

This is what we get from the Obama family. Share this if you think what he is doing is ridiculous.

What do you think about it?

(h/t Daily Mail)