Paul Nehlen Challenges House Speaker Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan may soon regret the games he played since the very first moment President Donald Trump was inaugurated. We can only wait and see his reaction after the new 2018 congressional campaign brought by Paul Nehlen. The Republican businessman is ready to accept the challenge, and people already know that Ryan is definitely losing this one.

Nehlen already lost the 2016 GOP primary in Wisconsin’s first congressional district. But, the loss didn’t throw him in despair, and now will go for a second round.

“Speaker Ryan didn’t help Mr. Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, and even pledged not to defend the president. But I have a message for Speaker Ryan: The American people are not done fighting for President Trump’s good agenda. That’s why I am announcing my second challenge to Paul Ryan for the nomination in Wisconsin’s first congressional district,” Nehlen announced his plans.

Nehlen spoke about the audio in which Ryan tells House GOP members that he is not going to support President Donald Trump during the final month of his presidential battle. We all remember how Ryan said that he will never defend President Trump again. So cruel. “I am not going to defend Donald Trump – not now, not in the future,” Ryal said at the time.

Nehlen isn’t happy about the first loss, but he is definitely happy about the end of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Republicans told Americans that Ryan failed to support the President in every step he made so far. Ryan never backed the travel ban, and didn’t support the President’s America First agenda. The House Speaker only managed to fund the refugee resettlement racket. “That is not what we voted for,” said Nehlen.

He is worried about Ryan’s efforts to sell Wisconsin jobs to Mexico and Asia. Nehlen accused his opponent of providing low-paid immigrant labor to multinational corporations in an attempt to reduce their costs. We couldn’t agree more on this one.

What do you think about this? Do you think Nehlen has real chances of beating Paul Ryan? Who will win this time? How will Americans accept Nehlen’s challenge?

(h/t Breitbart)