Social Security Going Up Under President Trump

President Donald Trump is a president of the people. He was been working hard for all Americans regardless of whether they are Democrats of Republicans. We need to see more support for the man that is working so hard to make this country great again. The amount of attacks right now is unreal. They are coming from every angle and every liberal media outlet. There are some obvious lies that are going on right now and some outlets have even had to come out with retractions. This is beyond embarrassing for them as it proves what everyone already knows. They are fake news.

Under Barack Obama, we never knew what was going on in the administration. They were always doing everything they could to cover up for themselves and it was very shady to say the least. We are finally starting to get a glimpse of what exactly went on within the Obama administration and it is not pretty. There have already been many signs that illegal activity went on and we are just scratching the surface

But Trump has been very clear with what he is doing. He is working to make American the best it can be and he just came out with yet another change that will do just that. Social Security recipients struggled heavily under Obama. We saw cut after cut after cut and they started to take their toll. Now, Trump has said enough and has single-handedly raised the amount paid out to recipients.

The amount that you can earn will depend on you age and how much you currently make. But one thing is sure, it is a big step up from what was earned up Barack Obama. He never did anything to help Americans and it showed. He simply did not care about how bad of shape the country was. We saw how self obsessed him and his family were.

President Trump already has everything he could ever want. That is why he was elected, the American people could trust that he would be only working for the good of the country.

(h/t Conservative Fighters)