Trey Gowdy Turns Attention To Obama And Clinton

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina has made a big effort in order to deemphasize the Trump investigation. Liberals have been trying to attack Trump for obstructing justice in some way, but there has been no proof that this happened. They only want to attack him because they want to get him impeached. Trey Gowdy has finally had enough and since he is now in a position to do something about it, he will make sure that Trump is no longer treated unfairly.

It seems like we are seeing the worst treatment of a president in a long time. Liberals have no bounds and will do just about anything to get their agenda passed. But all of these attacks against President Trump might finally be starting to backfire. The committee is now going to start an investigation into what the Obama administration did or didn’t do to stop the involvement of the Russians in our last election. There is nothing about Trump that has shown any kind of criminal involvement. Obama and Clinton might now be so lucky.

There have been many investigations into the two liberals. The Obama administration has shown time and time again that they were a part of some pretty shady things and we are only scratching the surface.

Gowdy has come out and made it clear that Obama and company did not do enough to stop the Russians. They have many chances to stop it and they did nothing. The second that the administration knew that there were things going on, they should have disclosed it to the necessary people. They did none of that.

This means that it could end up being the Obama administration who gets in trouble for all of this. It seems obvious that President Donald Trump had nothing to do with this. But that is not what the liberals in this country want to believe. The liberals keep pushing wrongdoing by Trump. The problem is that these are all lies. None of what they are saying is true and unfortunately, people actually believe what they are saying.

(h/t USA Today)