Cusack Sends “Message” To President Trump

Hollywood has never been worse. Instead of making movies or partying, celebrities have turned themselves into political experts. It’s funny how people who know nothing about the current condition in the country now dare to speak against the President, and criticize his moves. Cusack decided to open his mouth, and joined the group of celebrities who want President Trump dead.

We can’t really determine the source of hate in Hollywood, but we do know that celebrities are louder than ever. This is the first time Hollywood raises against a sitting president. We’ve seen all those award speeches and actors who did their best to mock the President.

It’s okay to disagree with someone’s political ideas, but it’s absolutely wrong to want him dead. Kathy Griffin was probably the worst because she posed with the bloody head of President Trump. The comedian said she was sorry, but the damage was already done. Barron will never forget the image of his father’s head. How far will these people go?

Snoop Dog made a video in which he shoots a clown that looks like President Trump. Celebrities have to understand that they’re planting the idea of assassinating the President in the head of people like James Hodgkinson. These people are encouraged to go out and shoot someone. It’s time for the nonsense to stop.

But, John Cusack doesn’t share the same opinion as we do. He is now sending a “message for Trump,” and let’s be honest, nobody likes his dark tweets. The “message” tweet is now deleted, but luckily, someone saved a screenshot.

We thought that celebrities will start acting reasonably after Griffin’s incident. It’s unfair that they send a message of hate and death. President Trump promised to make America great again, and these celebrities are just threatening him.

Cusack and his colleagues better work on their next movie or something. Hate will never bring anything good, that’s a sure bet.

What do you think about Cusack’s “message?” Do you think he is trying to say something else? How will President Donald Trump react to this dark tweet? Will he come out with a statement?

(h/t Todd Starnes)