John McCain Finds Himself In Even More Trouble

John McCain has been the laughing stock of the Republican party ever since President Donald Trump was elected. He has done everything and more to hurt his own brand and he is finally figuring out what it feels like to be on the wrong team. There is something about the way he chooses to do business that does not sit right with so many conservatives around the country. And in good reason, too. He has proven himself to be a fake conservative time and time again and it is starting to catch up with him. We recently ran a story that featured John McCain’s foundation and what it stands for. There were some questionable donors in his past and now we are seeing even more.

His foundation was reportedly taking donations from people like George Soros and even people involved with the Clinton. If this comes as a shock to you, you are with the majority of conservative voices around the country. It is not everyday that we see a man that prides himself on his conservative values accepting donations from the leader of the liberal movement.

John McCain has been trying to prove Trump wrong ever since he took office and so far, it has not worked. There is no reason for what he is doing and it needs to stop. John McCain was ones trusted but so many conservatives around the country but that trust is long gone.

John McCain time and time again refused to release donations received by his foundation and know we know why. It seems that he has been doing this kind of stuff for years and it is about to come back to bite him. He is no longer a conservative. Considering he is one of the main people behind the impeachment of President Trump, he should be losing his seat in Congress very soon.

There is no way a man like John McCain can continue to get away with stuff like this. We are seeing the worst of a man that acted like he was conservative his whole career. Now the floodgates are open.

(h/t Young Conservatives)