Karen Handel Is Sworn Into Congress

Democrats are losing the battle in every field, and sources say that the party is having a lot of trouble after their latest loss. The Democrat Party is still dealing with Hillary’s loss at the 2016 presidential elections, and they can still feel the consequences of their biggest nightmare. They will be even more devastated now that Handel was sworn into Congress.

Hillary’s friends were too confident about her victory. They thought that nothing could take her the privilege to enter the Oval Office. But, Democrats weren’t aware of the power President Donald Trump had. The Republican candidate had a better campaign, and made realistic promises. President Trump knew that this country needs him, and gave his best to win the presidential elections.

Hillary was disappointed. She didn’t expect that Donald Trump would beat her. But, how could she ever think that Americans will vote for her? People still remember Benghazi and all the innocent people who died there. Hillary did an almost irreversible damage to our country, and she has to bear the consequences of her actions. Trey Gowdy is on his mission to expose Clinton, and put her in jail. Justice has to find its way out, and Gowdy will give it a hand.

Obama feels for his Democrat fellows, and promised to help them win the midterms. The former president is aware of the chaos in the Democrat Party. The victory of Karen Handel in Georgia was the last hit Democrats received, and Obama thought that the party won’t survive without him. Well, he helped Clinton during her campaign and she didn’t win. So, no super powers on this side.

Karen Handel won the Special elections in Georgia, and she was sworn in Congress. Ralph Norman went through his ceremony, too.

Handel and Norman won the special elections last week, and we can only wait to see the results of their victory. Although Ossoff received millions from his Democrat friends, he lost the elections.

What do you think about this? Do you think Obama will help Democrats win the midterms? How will he help Democrats win this time?

(h/t The Hill)