Macro Rubio Caught Helping Muslims

We have been seeing widespread hate against President Donald Trump and his administration. But apparently that is not a problem for most Americans. It seems like there is a massive double standard here and nobody is taking the time to talk about it. Liberals have made it their goal to destroy Trump and stop him in his tracks. But when the rampant hate that is shown by Muslims on a daily basis nothing ever happens. Something needs to happen in order for President Trump to get the fair treatment that he deserves.

Muslims have made it their goal to try to infiltrate the United States of America. That is why President Trump wants to make sure that everyone is vetted to the full extent of the law. But liberals have been trying to stop that as well. Well, that is where Marco Rubio comes into play. He has been working to try to make it illegal to say anything bad against any minorities

Now why would he do that? Isn’t there enough that the Muslims have taken away from us so far? Do they really need this too? It seems like the United States is moving in the wrong direction and it is really scary to see it go down like this. Muslims have been trying to take over not only our nation, but also other European countries in an effort to infiltrate our way of life. There is a reason President Trump created the travel ban in the first place and that is to keep these dangerous individuals out.

Here is what the Senate just passed:

“Condemning hate crimes and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States.” This sounds like the opposite of what we need right now. Americans are the ones that are being targeted. Why should illegal immigrants get something like this if Americans don’t see the same sort of treatment?

Marco Rubio should be ashamed of himself for creating the start of something like this. Are you disappointed in this decision?

(h/t GovTrack)