Michael Flynn Could Be Innocent

The President Donald Trump administration is currently under attack and it is not pretty. The liberals have been trying to do whatever they can in order to destroy him and his family. They want to see him impeached and we do not know why. Maybe if they paid attention for just one second they would see that in fact, he wants to work for all Americans, not just conservatives. But they are jealous liars that do not want to see him succeed. That is why there is new evidence that Michel Flynn, the famed Army man might have been framed.

Michael Flynn has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump ever since he took office and it was sad to see him go through what he had to go through. The worst part about it all is that they are all lies. Nothing that he got in trouble for is true, at least according to new reports made by Circa.

It looks like and angry FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe might to be to blame for the downfall of Michael Flynn. We all know that liberals will go to great lengths to disrupt the Trump administration, but this goes further than we thought. There are a lot of moving pieces here and it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Apparently McCabe had some raw feelings toward Michael Flynn and wanted to get back at him. That is when all of this started. So no matter what we heard from the liberal media or the liberals themselves, he is innocent from what he is accused of.

McCabe has been a puppet for the Deep State for a long time and he is still right in the action. He has been a major proponent into the investigations into the Trump administration so of course he wants to get rid of as many as he can. It is very sad to see someone like Michael Flynn get caught up in the middle of all of this but we have to move on. We cannot let the liberals win.

(h/t Circa)