Republicans Demand Ruth Ginsburg Recusal

The liberals in this country have officially gone to the next level with all of the Trump hate that has been going around as of late. They are doing just about anything they can to destroy him and get him impeached. But Republicans are also doing just about everything they can to put a stop to this practice. We all know that the liberals will not win this fight. They are currently just in shock that Donald Trump won the White House. We need to try to work with them to prove that he is going to do good for everyone in this country regardless of party lines.

Now Republicans are calling for Justice Ginsburg to recuse herself from the Trump investigation because of her obvious bias towards him. She has been caught insulting him many different times and it just goes to prove how much she hate him. Hopefully she will recuse herself, but don’t count on it. She has proven that she cannot be trusted to do the right thing time after time.

When a Supreme Court Justice goes on about how dumb the president of the United States is, we maybe have a problem. A recent letter from Republican officials call for the recusal as she is bound by law to do what is right by the country. She has not yet responded to the letter.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, we have been seeing never before seen amounts of hate against not only him but also his family and his administration. At what point do we say this has gone too far? We need to come together to make sure that the President of the United States gets fair treatment under the law. And if Ginsburg is still on this case, we can unquestionably say that he will not get that.

What do you think Justice Ginsburg should do about recusing herself from this case?

(h/t Western Journalism)