Sean Hannity Calls Out CNN


Fox News has been getting some slack ever since they made the decision to fire their all star host, Bill O’Reilly. But there is still one person on the network that is willing to tell the truth and that man is Sean Hannity. He has come out on fire recently after CNN keeps posting their lies about President Donald Trump and his administration. We need to see a change before they do too much damage that we cannot come back from it.

CNN recently had to retract a story about a member of President Trump’s team. The story was quickly proven false and came with no evidence to back up their claims. That is why Sean Hannity has called for the person responsible to be fired. It seems like CNN would want to make sure that the people in charge over there would actually be doing their job, but that is not what is happening.

CNN has been proven to be a fraud time and time again. Mainstream media in general has been doing whatever they can to bring down President Trump. And it seems like ever since the James Comey testimony, things have been getting even worse. They just can’t seem to stop spreading lies about the administration and it is starting to be obvious that they have a separate agenda than just spreading the news.

Sean Hannity has been a very big critic of CNN because it is obvious they do not hold their standards to a very high point. In order for us to move on as a country we need to be able to trust the news that the media is giving us. And at this point, we are no where we need to be. That is very scary and the truth.

Hopefully more and more people with big names such as Hannity will come out against the bogus stories that are being spread right now.

Do you agree?

(h/t The Truth Division)