Gowdy Knows The Truth Behind Obama’s Trip To Bali

Barack Obama keeps his tradition of going to fancy places with his family. The former president seem to be unaware of the current situation in the United States. But, let’s be honest, he was never too worried. But, maybe he will be after Trey Gowdy exposed the real reason for his trip to Bali. Gowdy is known for his habits to hunt down corrupted politicians, and Hillary Clinton was the first on his list. Now it’s Obama’s turn.

Obama is all happy and smiling on the photos reporters took of him and his family. Maybe his smile hides a deeper problem, but the truth is he never cared about our country or the people who live in it. How can anyone pose on exotic locations in times when his own country is going through major investigations and scandals? Obama left too many problems and opened questions behind him, and President Donald Trump had to do the job for him.

Trey Gowdy has the perfect explanation for Obama’s family trip to Bali. Gowdy knows that the former president is actually worried because his Attorney General Loretta Lynch is subjected to a thorough investigation that raised too many questions about the function of the former administration.

Obama’s vacation is too suspicious to be just a regular family trip. The timing says it all. The US Senate and House Intel Committees opened an investigation into Loretta Lynch and her “activities.” Could there be a connection between Obama’s trip to Indonesia and this investigation? Probably. Indonesia has no extradition deals with the United States, so maybe that’s why Obama chose to go there.

Gowdy wants to know if the former president will come back from Bali, and has a few nice questions for him regarding the DNC. Gowdy believes that Obama is hiding something from the law enforcement, which is probably his reason to not provide the evidence he had for the hacking.

What do you think about Gowdy’s comments? Do you think Obama will come back from Indonesia? Is there something more behind his family trip to Bali? How will the former president react to this?

(h/t The Guardian)