US Marine Shuts Down Black Panther Thug

What Barack Obama did to this country is making itself clear day after day. He caused chaos in this country because of the way he did business. There was nothing we could do. He controlled the liberal groups in a way that made them too powerful. Finally we have a President in Donald Trump that is going to work to make America great again. He has been keeping promise after promise and it looks like he will continue in that direction. One of the worst things Obama did to this country is create the groups like Black Lives Matter and the like that think they can do whatever they want.

Black Lives Matter are trying to make it seem like black people are treated unfairly in the United States. But this is totally false and based in lies and misinformation. There is something very shady about how they do business and how they came about. There is no reason for them to think they are not treated fairly considering we had a black president for 8 whole years. But apparently they forget about that.

One of these thugs learned the hard way that what they are trying to do is bogus. We have seen protesters take to the streets in an effort to sway the way people in this country think. But they have been unsuccessful as of yet and have shown no signs of gaining ground. One United States Marine had had enough of the way they were treating their country and more notable, the flag that represents our freedom as Americans.

The only way these people operate is to destroy anything they can get their hands on and it is truly sad. Instead of trying to work things out that are actually important, they are becoming criminals that start fires and steal. That is why they are thugs. And the liberal groups that are currently trying to impeach Trump have joined forces with these thugs.

They are trying to work together in order to get rid of conservatives in this country. But we have to stand strong and let them know that we will not be ignored.

(h/t Youtube)