The View Hosts Panic Over Supreme Court Decision To Support The Travel Ban

President Donald Trump build a strong presidential campaign last year and he won the elections. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, could never enter the Oval Office, and her political career is done. Clinton is still blaming everyone for her loss, and she is unaware of the fact that she “killed” her own victory. But, Hillary isn’t the only person who is unable to move on. The View hosts are trying to boost their rating by mocking the President.

We can freely say that President Trump had a rough beginning, but things are slowly falling to the right place. He made a few great promises, and fighting terrorism was one of them. Unfortunately, Democrats were here to block his plans, and ISIS “warriors” are still wandering around.

President Trump has long warned about the dangers brought by ISIS, but Democrats just wouldn’t listen. They’d rather have terrorists in their neighborhood. The President worked on a detailed executive order to bar Muslims from seven countries. This was the right measure for the problem with terrorists, but Democrats blocked it. However, the Supreme Court has some great news for President Trump and every decent American in the country.

The Supreme Court is now ready to give another chance to the travel ban, and Democrats are already looking for another option. But, The View hosts had the best reaction ever. It’s interesting how they disapprove everything that goes in favor of President Trump. But, they can’t do politics, and we strongly suggest that they do their regular job.

The travel ban would be the perfect solution to the current problem, and let’s all hope that the Supreme Court will support it. President Trump did the right thing to sign the executive order, and he will sure win again. He needs our support, and America needs to become a safer place to live in. we can’t allow another terrorist attack or mass shooting. Let’s all support President Donald Trump.

What do you think about this decision? Do you think the Supreme Court will give green light to the travel ban? How will Democrats react to this?

(h/t The New York Times, ABC News)