Voter Fraud Rampant For Democrats

President Donald Trump has been clear that voter fraud took place during the election. And boy was he right. It has been proven time and time again that Democrats did whatever they could to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. And despite all of their illegal efforts, they failed. That is because Americans were ready for real change and they knew that they would get that with Donald Trump. But that does not mean we can forget about what the liberals did. They need to face punishment for their actions and it looks like they finally might start seeing some punishment.

And it looks like things are now getting plain creepy. James Madison University student Andrew J. Spieles, who is 21 years old, registered several DEAD people as Democrats. This, ladies and gentlemen, is voter fraud and he has paid the price. It has been reported that Spieles will serve a 100 day sentence in prison for his actions. Though this might seem like a small punishment, just be happy he saw any at all.

Liberals are well known for getting away with voter fraud which is why it feels so good to see so many people finally being caught. He worked with the school in order to get as many as people registered to vote as possible and it looks like he did that. There was only one problem for the young student. The voters do, in fact, have to be alive in order to vote. Liberals will literally do anything.

Now this should not come as a surprise to you. We knew, as we listen to President Trump, that this kind of thing took place all over the country on a regular basis. We saw voter fraud in the Dallas area as well. This is where a man went door to door collecting voter identifications and using them to write in votes for who? That’s right, Hillary Clinton. There is no doubt that she knew at least some of this was going on. She was trying to do anything to get in office and she still failed.

What do you think?

(h/t WTVR)