Flynn’s Resignation Is A Hit Job

We knew that there is something wrong with the resignation of the President’s first National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. Now it seems like some had a pretty dark reason to take down Flynn. Evidence shows that the former National Security Advisor General was removed from his position because he had threatened the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Andrew McCabe. If by any chance you forgot, McCabe was a huge fan of the failing Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Reports suggest that Flynn threatened to expose McCabe for violating the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations. This is a serious topic, and we know that it may have something to do with Flynn’s resignation. Things like this are taken seriously, and someone just didn’t like Flynn’s threats. You’re already guessing who can this be, right?

The career of FBI counter-terrorism Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz went through a major twist when she went under McCabe. She received her very first negative career review. It’s strange that this happened at the same time Gritz joined McCabe’s team, because she was always respected and praised by every member of the intelligence community.

That is not all. Gritz later filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the Bureau. Flynn accepted to testify on his colleague’s character and work ethic. According to reports, McCabe probably knew that Gritz will file the lawsuit against him, and decided that it’s the right time to open an investigation into “timecard irregularities.” Gritz was dismissed as too emotional and even mentally imbalanced. Witnesses say that McCabe made derogatory remarks on Flynn, and this may have played a crucial role in his potential connection with the Russia case. Flynn was barred from testifying, and later went through an investigation of the Bureau. Flynn faced serious accusations. This put an end to his career in the new administration.

We can’t believe that things like this happen in normal world. But, let’s hope that President Trump will investigate deeper in the subject.

What do you think about this? Do you think there is something more behind Flynn’s resignation? How will this end?

(h/t Circa, The Gateway Pundit)