Fox News Hires Jason Chaffetz

We have seen first hand what Fox News’s decision to fire their long time host Bill O’Reilly has done to the network. It seems like they are currently moving in the wrong direction and if they don’t figure it out soon they could find themselves in some big trouble. When we think of Fox News, we think of good, solid network that delivers its viewers the truth about what is going on around them.

But with the new changes also came a new outlook and it might be hurting the network in more ways than they can see. Conservatives were devastated by the network’s firing of Bill O’Reilly. He was fired based on claims that he sexually harassed several women during his time there. The claims are yet to be proven. But they might have dug themselves out of the grave with this new move.

Fox News has officially hired Jason Chaffetz, the Senator from Utah. Chaffetz has come out and said that he would be resigning to the private sector sometime in June and it looks like his time is coming to an end. He should be a great addition to Fox News’s team with a great insight on how things in Washington work.

This could move to bring back some of the viewers that left with the Bill O’Reilly firing. Now, Fox News will still be required to take advantage of this hiring. This is something that they have been less-than-great on in the past. Conservatives should be excited about seeing a Congressman on their television screens.

Fox News looks to be moving in the right direction and this move goes to prove once and for all. We need to give them another chance, it’s not like we have very many places to turn. It looks like the liberal media has gone to new lows. They have started numerous different attacks against the president and it needs to stop.

What do you thin of this new move by Fox News? Will it work?

(h/t Western Journalism)