Ivanka Seen With Daughter Outside Gym

There have been many sightings of the First Family since they took office. By now you have heard about the fact that Melania and Barron Trump have officially moved into the White House with President Donald Trump. They decided to stay in New York City until Barron finished out the school year. He has done that and now, after attacks from the liberals, they are in the White House. Ivanka is another very important member of the family. She is one of her father’s closest and most trusted advisers. But that is not all she does. She also impresses people with her beauty and class. That didn’t change when she was seen coming from the gym recently.

Ivanka went for a quick and sweaty workout recently, wearing blocked leggings and a pink tank top.

Ivanka has long been known to have an amazing work ethic and it shows. She is not only a very busy staff member on President Trump’s administration but she is also an amazing mom. After her workout she was seen leaving her home with her daughter, Arabella.

As you can see, Ivanka cleans up very nicely. She has been the victim of many liberal attacks as of late and they are totally unfair. It seems almost like the left will say or do just about anything to hurt President Trump. Ivanka has been working for every single person in America.

She is also an amazing mother to her children. Ivanka is the first to take care of her children and we can tell that she raises them the right way. She takes time out of her busy day to personally do things with her children.


Liberals have been doing just about anything they can in order to attack the First Family. The attacks are starting to take their toll. We need to work together in order to stop these threatening insults. One thing that liberals have counted on is the investigation into Trump and Russia. But these claims have been proven false time and time again.

What do you think about Ivanka Trump? Are you proud to have her in our government?

(h/t Daily Mail)