Joy Behar Attacks Donald And Melania Trump

The View continues to surprise no one with their horrific attacks and threats against President Donald Trump and his family. Every day that they are on air is a day that the family has to deal with disgusting attacks. It seems like by now we would be seeing something be done but that is not the case. The liberal media is allowed to do and say whatever they want and it goes completely unchecked. President Trump and his administration has been clear that the attacks are starting to take a toll. Mainstream sources are trying to cause an uproar against the administration and it is obvious what they are trying to do.

ABC’s The View has been one of the worst about attacking President Trump and his family in a damaging way. It seems like Joy Behar and company are totally obsessed with Melania and Trump’s marriage. Every day they come out with new lies regarding the couple. But that has not stopped them. Whoopi has an agenda that she is trying to make known. Don’t worry Whoopi, everyone knows that you hate the President. You are not fooling anyone.

Now Joy Behar has officially joined in on the fun. On a recent show she started questioning Melania and Donald’s relationship while also asking why taxpayers had to pay to keep Melania in New York. Did she ask the same thing when the Obamas were vacationing every month. Probably not.

“And then when she was in New York and we had to pay a million dollars a day to keep her here just because she does not want to sleep with him, we had to pay for that. I did not like that,” she explained.

Behar has proven many times that she hates the President and his family so we do not have to listen to what she has to say. It seems obvious that she wants to see him fail and she thinks she is helping that wish by saying things like this.

What do you think about Joy Behar and The View? Do you ever tune in?

(h/t Washington Times)