Muslim Refugee Gets Massive Gov Assistance

President Donald Trump has been doing everything he can to keep the American people safe. And for this, he is attacked by the liberals on a daily basis. They are unwilling to even give him a chance and see what he can do to make America great again. There are many things that he has been working very hard for every single American. Some of what he has done has quickly been classified as racist and hateful by the Democrats. They want to make him out to be the bad guy because that is what they do. But we are quickly realizing that we have a lot more to worry about than we once thought and that President Trump’s warnings about Muslim refugees are coming true.

All around the world we have seen what Muslims have been trying to do. They are attempting to take over our country from the inside out. We see this every day with new laws being passed to try to protect them. But one thing is certain, these people have a separate agenda they are trying to get passed.

One Muslim refugee named Ghazia A escaped Syria with 4 wives and 23 children. They have since settled in Germany. Apparently working does not interest him as he has decided to live off the benefits of the government instead. And the amount is shocking. It has been reported that he is currently receiving an incredible $320,000. That is totally absurd.

He has tried to act like it is his Muslim duty to provide for all of his wives, which has given him some leeway in his adoptive country. Many people thin that Muslims are simply misunderstood and that if we took the time to know them they would surprise us. Well, that might be the case for some but that is not the case for most. This is another reason why we need to keep American citizens safe.

We have seen up close and personal the damage that Muslims have been doing in Europe. We do not want that here. What do you think about this man making so much off the government?

(h/t Daily Mail)