Obama Family On Vacation Once Again

The Obamas love to act like they do not care about what is happening politically in this country. But their actions speak louder than their words. It seems like every day we hear about something happening to President Donald Trump that goes directly back to Barack Obama. He did so much bad for this country that we are just now seeing his policies get reversed by the Trump administration.

We all know that the Obamas loved to spend the American taxpayers’ hard earned money. They went on massive trips that cost millions of dollars every year. We are starting to see the toll that this had on our economy. Obama was by far the worst president that we have seen and it’s only getting worse. We are starting to see some investigations opened up into the man and his administration.

It is not surprising to see all of the criminal activity that went on under President Obama. He himself was a fraud and a liar. Nothing that we have seen should surprise us at all. But he is far from done. His family has recently gone on a trip to Indonesia, again, on taxpayers’ money. They stayed in extravagant villas that cost up to $3,000 a night. How can they continue to get away with things like this?

It seems like someone in Congress would put a stop to this. After he is out of office, his massive trips should not be paid for by the American public. He is making plenty of money on his own. He only recently signed a book deal worth $60 million. Is that not enough for him? Something tells us that he will continue to leech off of us for as long as he can.

When a former president continues to use taxpayers’ money in ways like this it is truly sad to see. We are seeing the worst of the worst, folks. President Trump is being attacked by the left on a daily basis while Obama is there in Indonesia having the time of his life. Do we see the double standard?

What do you think?

(h/t BBC)