Obama’s Moles Leaked Classified Material Intentionally

It was more than clear that Barack Obama wasn’t quite happy about the election of President Donald Trump. He hoped that his friend Hillary Clinton would enter the White House, and take the top position in our country. We can’t really understand Obama’s reasons to hate President Trump. He had two terms to make things right, but it didn’t work. Now President Trump is in charge of the US, and Obama hates it.

Hillary Clinton didn’t have any real chances of getting inside the Oval Office. She didn’t make any real promises during the presidential campaign, and that’s not all. Hillary wears the deaths of Benghazi victims on her back, and Americans will never forget this. But, Obama will never accept or approve anything that comes from President Donald Trump. That’s why he brought this country and everyone who lives in it in danger.

Obama’s moles have now laid their hands on the “anti-Trump” material. To make things even worse, former Obama officials are sharing the information with others, and this imposes a serious threat to our national security.

One of the stories involves information about Obama’s attempt to slow down Russians via cyber attacks. The story was based on classified information, and every detail was made available. The other story was focused on Israel and its cyber defense operations.

What was the real reason behind the leaks? We can only imagine Obama’s reasons to release such information. But, he doesn’t seem to be pretty concerned, because he is enjoying his family vacation in Bali.

We all know that this material was released intentionally with the only purpose to undermine President Donald Trump.

Colin Kahl, former National Security Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden is one of the greatest violators. Their final goal was to push reporters in a completely unknown direction. This would provide a nice cover up for everything Obama and his “soldiers” did in the past eight years.

What do you think about this? What were the real reasons behind Obama’s leaks? Do you think our national security is in danger? How will President Trump solve this problem?

(h/t The Washington Post)