Project Veritas Comes Out With Another Video

Project Veritas dropped yet another bomb on CNN today and it is bad. The video that was released proves that CNN is producing fake news and that something big needs to be done. We have seen too many times where the mainstream media gets away with saying whatever they want. President Donald Trump has been caught in the middle of it many times and he is starting to get fed up with it. CNN is one of the worst and these videos prove it. They have been trying to push the Russia investigation as far as it can go. But now they have admitted that it is all fake.

This could destroy CNN if enough people hear about this. Liberals want to get President Trump impeached and they will do whatever it takes to do that. In this newest video, liberal commentator Van Jones can be heard clearly stating that the Russia investigation is a massive lie. A lie that is meant to take down President Trump and his administration.

Ever since he took office he has had to deal with hate from the left. And we knew that this was going to happen. The left is all about getting their way. They will not give up no matter what happens. Look at the protests they have started. It looks like they are trying to take over the country with all of the hate that is going around.

Liberals under Barack Obama were used to getting their way. Now they see how it feels to be on the other side. The media is behind all of this hate that has been spreading recently. It is obvious that they have a separate agenda that they are trying to push. Conservatives need to be very weary of what news source they listen to.

CNN needs to face the death penalty after this video. They are obviously fighting the President on anything he does and it needs to stop. There is no reason for what they are doing besides their hate and it is disgusting.

What do you think should happen to CNN after this?

(h/t Project Veritas)