Shep Smith Defends CNN

We’ve all heard about the videos that involve CNN and the fact that they admit to telling lies. Them admitting that they are fake news should not surprise anyone. We have known that for a long time. President Donald Trump has sworn time and time again that there is a massive agenda against him. And that can no longer be denied by the liberals. The mainstream media has made it a goal of theirs to destroy him and his administration. Even his family is not immune to the attacks and it is a very sad situation that is currently unfolding. Hopefully we can work through it.

But we will not be able to get through it without the media sources that pride themselves on providing the real news. Fox News has been at the center of many controversies over the past few months. Ever since they decided to fire Bill O’Reilly they have been facing some pretty significant backlash from their conservative viewers. One host in particular has made it clear that he does not share the same values as most of the network’s viewers.

Shep Smith has continually proven that he does not care what his viewers think of him. He is not a conservative and does not provide the real news. Maybe that is why it didn’t even surprise us when he had the nerve to go on his show and defend CNN from the video that proves that they are fake.

Fox News fans were not going to let him get away with this. Does the network truly not care about their ratings? That is what it seems like because there is no way Smith is getting any new viewers by spreading lies and hate for an hour every day.

Conservatives need to step up and call out when they see something like this. Shep Smith is currently trying to do the opposite of what is needed. What do you think about his comments?

(h/t Mediate)