Budweiser Releases Video On Our Veterans

Hollywood seems liberal through and through. They have proven that they are against President Donald Trump a lot as of late. Liberal actors and actresses have not shown away from their liberalism. They have chosen to attack him and his family at every turn. This is one of the reasons why it comes as such a shock that a Hollywood actor did something amazing for his fellow veterans recently. Adam Driver, the star from the smash hit Star Wars just made a video, with the help of beer company Budweiser, for our veterans and their families.

It brought tears to the eyes of millions across the country and we are now seeing why. The company has a program called Folds of Honor that helps the families of our veterans. It does amazing work and this video shines light on what exactly they are trying to do.

This is amazing and will do wonders for our veterans. Under Barack Obama and his administration our veterans did not get the help and support they need and deserve. They were treated like second class citizens and it showed. It took a huge toll on all of them. That is why we should be so happy to have a president like Donald Trump finally in office.

“After leaving the military,” a statement explained, “Adam Driver fulfilled his dream of becoming an actor. He helped us deliver another dream to a family who has sacrificed for their country and each other.” You can tell by the way Driver acts that he loves his county and will do anything to help veterans.

Liberals have been trying to make President Trump out to be the bad guy but they are staring to run out of attacks. They have been pushing for his impeachment ever since he took office and have not yet let up. It seems like every day they come up with a new way to attack him and his family. At least this is some good news that we can look forward to.

Are you excited to see the work being done for our veterans?

(h/t Young Conservatives)