Chicago Cubs Star Flips Off Trump

The amount of disrespect that the liberals have been showing President Donald Trump is unbelievable. Keep in mind that this is the President of the United States. He should be treated with respect at all times. That does not mean they have to agree with everything that he says. But there needs to be a common respect for the president no matter what. President Trump has been working hard for all Americans ever since he took office. He has made it clear time and time again that he wants to make America great again. That is getting harder and harder to do with all of the hate and threats from the left.

We saw this up close and personal recently. The Chicago Cubs got to go meet with President Trump in the Oval Office as they were the champions. This was supposed to be a good time with laughter and congratulations but it turned into something much more sinister.

Chicago’s midfielder Albert Almora was visiting the president with a very specific agenda in mind. He knew exactly what he was going to do from the instant that he got in the office. There has been a picture taken that shows exactly what he was doing to the President of the United States and it is bad.


You can clearly see the MLB star point his middle finger at President Trump, not knowing there were cameras around. Well, sorry Almora but we know exactly what you did. There was a time when the President was looked at with great respect but that is long gone. The liberals have been especially hard on Trump and his administration in an effort to get him impeached. They have been looking for anything to get that done.

This MLB player needs to face some sort of punishment for what he did. He was deliberately trying to embarrass the president in his own office. That is something that cannot stand for the American people. This is a moment that is supposed to be cherished by sports teams that come to meet with the president. It turned into a moment of hate.

(h/t Daily Mail)