Congressional Black Caucus Members Spend Their Money On Fancy Vacations

The Congressional Black Caucus is in the spotlight again, and it’s hypocrisy at its worst. The committee that stands for African American candidates is now going against all Americans. Our country has faced numerous scandals in the past few months. Things are bad, and the worse is yet to come. President Donald Trump is going to expose every shady deal.

President Trump promised to drain the swamp. His presidential campaign was based on great promises, and our leader is working on his plan to make America great again. The President knew that truth will find its way out, and so it happened.

The Congressional Black Caucus is spending more money than it actually needs. Reports suggest that the Caucus spends money on exotic resorts, best foods, Broadway tickets, fancy nights out, and pretty much everything you can imagine. These people don’t work for the well-being of country. All they care about is living life to the fullest.

The CBC has the only goal to raise “the number of African-Americans in the US Congress” and to “Support non-black candidates that champion our interests and promote African American participation in the political process with an emphasis on young voters.” But, they do much more than this.

When will this stop? We know that Obama encouraged officials to behave like this. CBC needs young voters. Wonder why? To manipulate them. In that way the Caucus will be able to do its thing without being bothered.

Reports reveal that CBC spent over $5,000 on one of the “world’s top 50 tropical resorts” in the Virgin Islands. They made another $4,500 bill at Un Amore. No, those dinners weren’t meant for the potential candidates. Over $40,000 were spend at the Conrad Hotel, as confirmed by the official government website.

This has got to stop. President Donald Trump has to conduct an investigation, and make them act reasonably.

What do you think about this information? Do you think President Trump should do anything about the problem? How will this affect the Caucus’ reputation in the country? Will it be able to attract new voters after the scandal?

(h/t CBC PAC, FEC)