Details On Obama’s Luxury Trip To Bali

Barack Obama is out of the White House, but we can still feel the consequences of his ruling. The former president did more harm to our country than any other president before. Obama promised to support workers, but he did the opposite. You won’t even believe what happened during his vacation in Indonesia.

Former president Obama never did anything great for his country. He was some sort of obsessed with luxury trips, and his last family vacation was the worst of them all. It seems like Obama forgot one important thing. He is no longer the president of the United States. So, why is he spending our money?

Reports confirmed Obama’s role in numerous scandals, and now he decided to go to Indonesia. If by any chance you didn’t know, our country doesn’t have any extradition deals with Indonesia. Did Obama actually tried to escape the law?

Obama behaves like a royalty, and this five-day vacation is a clear proof of it. The Obamas went on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali. The historic city of Yogyakarta was part of their program. The former president took his family on a nostalgic trip to the place where he lived as a child.

Should we say that the Obamas arrived on a private jet? The plane landed at Yogyakarta’s military airport, as confirmed by the Indonesian air force base commander Air Vice Marshal Novyan Samyoga.

Local officials greeted Obama and his family at the tarmac. The Obamas were all relaxed and smiling. Well, they have a few good reasons to be happy and joyful. Obama knew how to use the benefits of his former position, and now his daughters are living their life to the fullest.

The Secret Service didn’t receive any special request from the Obamas on their activities. But, one strange thing caught everyone’s attention. Over 650 Indonesian security forces secured the former first family in Yogyakarta. So, this is something we should all think about.

What do you think about Obama’s trip to Indonesia? Do you think the former president run away from justice? How will he handle the latest investigation in our country?

(h/t CBS News)