Greta Van Susteren Fired From MSNBC

The liberal media is making an effort to destroy President Donald Trump and his administration. Everything they do is tinged with hate towards the number 45. This utter hate stems from lots of things, but one thing overpowers everything else. Hillary Clinton, who by most counts a sure victory in the election, was supposed to be the person in charge. From her lost forward, we have seen what they are capable of doing. Lies mixed with hate, is a very dangerous combination and we are starting to see what it does. President Trump deserves better from the media that is supposed to report the news. MSNBC and CNN have been finding out recently that Trump fights back.

MSNBC just lost all of its remaining credibility when they made the move to fire Greta Van Susteren just hours before she was set to go on air. The former Fox News host was fired after just 6 months due to what the network describes as “lower than average ratings.” MSNBC is one of the media sources that has been particularly harsh on Trump.

The president now famously fought back at some of the network’s attacks when he tweeted about two of their commentators.

The next part of the Twitter tirade was the one that collectively turned heads around the country. He goes on to talk about how Mika Brzezinski was “bleeding from the face” after a face lift. We’ll let you take from it what you may.

But this move by MSNBC shows exactly what Trump is talking about when he calls them “fake news.” There have been far too many times when we have seen the liberal media attack not only him but also his family. This is something that, no matter how it is spun by the media, is not okay.

She will be missed by the few conservatives that had the patience to watch a network such as MSNBC.

(h/t Daily Mail)