Melania Trump Returned To New York City

Melania Trump has been attacked for not moving into the White House sooner. These attacks come from the left and have no proof that it hurt the country in anyway. Did they forget what the Obama family did to this country? They costs us millions just on their vacations alone. The Trump family has been treated very unfairly ever since Donald Trump took office. There have even been some people that go so far as to attack their marriage. That goes way too far.

Liberals never face consequences for what they say and we are seeing these insults go completely unchecked. This practice needs to stop if we want to move forward as a country. But something else that Melania did caught the eye of liberals around the country. She recently went back to New York City, surrounded by Secret Service vehicles. She went back alone and without her son, Barron.

It is unclear exactly what she did while she was there but there is no doubt that it was something important. Melania was there while her husband, President Donald Trump was being given the finger in the Oval Office. What is this kind of behavior supposed to accomplish? It seems like they have no end goal other than to hurt the president.Melania is an amazing First Lady that has been doing amazing things for our country. She cares a lot about the children of our country and has visited countless hospitals to visit the children in need. That is why it is so shocking to see her being treated so unfairly by not only liberals, but also the mainstream media.

The Secret Service had to bring an entire barricade of SUVs just to keep her protected. We never know when a loose cannon will try to do something to hurt a member of our First Family. The Alexandria shooting is a good example of that. Melania Trump is loving living in the White House so far. We can see that in the way she goes about her day.

What do you think of her return to New York City?

(h/t Daily Mail)