Melania Trump Talks About Mika Brzezinski

A lot has been said about the president and his family since he took office a little over 5 months ago. People, mostly liberals, have been on him from the start, refusing to listen to anything he has to say. But when Trump fights back against the lies and hate that is being spread about him, he is the one that is wrong. How is that fair? Liberals are so used to getting their way under former President Obama that they have forgotten how this country actually operates. We are seeing attacks against the family every single day and nothing has pointed to them slowing down.

But something happened recently that brought this double standard to everyone’s attention. President Trump sent out a few tweets that, on the surface, look pretty harsh. And for someone who is not looking at the full story, they no doubt think that he is in the wrong. But here us out.

President have had to deal with blatant threats and attacks from the liberal media on a daily basis. It is nonstop and they have had a tremendous impact on the family. So of course he would react in a way like this.

Now Melania Trump has come out in support of her debated husband. Melania has said that if someone attacks him, he will come back 10 times harder. We have seen that hold true time and time again. It seems like people would have learned that by now but every day they continue to attack him.

Something needs to be done to protect him because he is not seeing fair treatment by the liberals. What do you think about the tweets that President Trump sent out? Share this if you think he was right to call them out!

(h/t The Hill)