Mike Pence Has Replaced His Chief Of Staff

Liberals in this country think that they can get away with whatever they want. But they are slowing learning that this is not the case. Under Barack Obama, it was a free for all. Liberals knew that nothing would happen to them so they acted in a way that was disgusting to half the population. We are still seeing those impacts to this day. And even though President Donald Trump has vowed a big change, it will take a long time for him to roll back everything that needs to be. Obama did untold amounts of damage to this country. The mainstream media has gotten involved in a big way. They have been pushing for his impeachment every step of the way.

When you think about what President Trump has done so far, it is kind of amazing. He has done everything that he has done with the hate of the liberals right on his back. It is sad to see him be treated with such disrespect on a daily basis. Same goes for his Vice President and close friend, Mike Pence. Pence has not been freed from the attacks either.

Mike Pence decided to move in a different direction, quite possibly for a breath of fresh air when he announced he had replaced current Chief of Staff Josh Pitcock. Nick Ayers will take over the roll and looks to be a good man for the job.

Ayers had been one of the top people at the up and coming conservative website Independent Journal Review. He has had to drop all ties to the website since the decision was made. Ayers will become the new Chief of Staff at the end of July, according to reports. Mike Pence has been attacked by the liberals just like all of the administration. Hopefully this move will help them move in the right direction soon.

Nick Ayers is a prominent conservative voice that should be a great addition to the staff. Mike Pence made a good move here. Are you proud of Mike Pence and everything that he has done for the people of this country?

(h/t CNN)