MSNBC Hires Bret Stephens

President Donald Trump is working hard for the people of this country. He has kept many many of his campaign promises already and is keeping more all the time. His administration is doing everything they can to hold back the hate that is being spread by the liberals and the media. But even with all of this, the hate is still being spread.

We are seeing CNN have to put out retraction after retraction because of the lies they post. Many people listen to these outlets like they are the truth. President Trump has been one of the most attacked presidents in a long time and why? Because he is willing to stand up for what the majority of Americans are thinking. Liberals feel threatened by this because they are used to having their way with Barack Obama at the helm.

Something needs to happen in this country in order for us to move on in a quick manner. We can no longer have these sorts of attacks against our leader. They hurt every American. But now it looks as though MSNBC has just made a move to hire a conservative. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. We know that MSNBC is a very liberal outlet. They are one of the worst at spreading lies.

That is why it comes as a shock that they hired Bret Stephens, a conservative columnist to their team. He should be a great addition to the very liberal staff that is currently MSNBC. Stephens is very well known around the country for being an amazing writer. He is a Pulitzer award winner and has worked at many different places.

This comes after a former Fox News writer and well known conservative, George Will was signed on in May. MSNBC could be just trying to make themselves seem more conservative. But if that is the case, people will catch on very quickly.

President Trump already has enough on his mind, he does not need to worry about another liberal outlet. What do you think about this move made by MSNBC?

(h/t The Hill)