Nancy Pelosi Loses It Again

Hell has frozen over! Or was it just Nancy Pelosi’s brain…? Most definitely the latter. No, that stuttering sound coming from you television set is not a sign of a broken signal. Put your money away, there is no need for another TV. It’s just our favorite liberal nutcase, Nancy Pelosi. She seems to be getting worse and worse in just about ever area that you could think of as of late. Things are officially starting to look pretty lowly for the Democratic Party. This is who they have leading them to the promise land? Hopefully they keep their off-brand Moses — it’s working wonders for conservatives.

Pelosi just proved that she is an aging lunatic on a recent appearance. There is no way you can watch the exchange and say, with a straight face, that this woman does not have mental problems. Take a look for yourself:

The whole thing is just a really strange example of Pelosi’s inability to communicate clearly. There are two options happening here. First, Pelosi is starting to, quite literally, lose her mind. Or, she is up there lying to the audience. Either one is bad and either one is plausible. This is not the first time something like this has happened, mind you. There have been several instances in which Nancy looked totally lost.

Does she know that she is an elected official? Does she even know that she is alive? Don’t count on it. Here is the truly shocking, scary and just plain sad part. Liberals around the country look to this crazed woman for advice on how to live their lives. They love what she has to say (when she can actually get the words out of her mouth).

It seems to be the beginning of the end for Pelosi. There is now way she will last much longer. Her mental stability is nonexistent at best. She has been one of the harshest critics of President Trump but it looks like maybe she has herself to worry about first.

What do you think about Nancy Pelosi and her mental health? Is it time for her to go?

(h/t The Blaze)