Paul Ryan Announces Passing Of New Bill

Lost in the madness of the day was a pretty big bill that just got passed by the House. President Trump preformed his best “petty insult” line on Twitter after being attacked by the media that he so lovingly refers to as the “fake news.” This is the man we elected president of the United States. And though you might disagree with his actions from time to time, just remember who the alternative was. Regardless of your feelings on the subject and all of the pieces involved, try to remember what is actually important. While the playground style Twitter fight was underway, the House was busy trying to make America great again.

With the passing of “Kate’s Law” the House just took a big step to protect Americans from the lawlessness of the President Obama administration. The law is designed to help get rid of the Sanctuary cities that are currently widespread throughout the United States.

Democrats have been pushing for cities to be able to figure this out on their own. But when officials realized that they were not working with the common feelings of Americans in mind, the House took matters into their own hands. House Democrats, 160 to be exact, voted against this bill that tries to actively protect Americans from these criminals.

And when you think about it, that is what these people are. We are not taking Sanctuary away from people that really need it. What the liberals were doing was taking total advantage of the system as they so often do. Relative to what has been happening within the government recently, this is a pretty good show of bipartisanship from the Representatives.

Some days it feels like we are moving forward in slow motion. It seems like for every 1 step forward there are 5 steps back. But we are moving forward under the newly elected president. We couldn’t say that just 6 months ago.

What do you think about this new bill that has been passed?

(h/t The Hill)