California And Virginia Exclude Themselves From Invesigation

The liberal states in this country have shown time and time again that they are willing to go against the president of the United State’s orders. We have seen this a lot from the likes of California and Oregon. They seem to not care what he has to say or how he feels and they just do whatever they want. We are now seeing it again as California has come out saying that they will exclude themselves from Trump’s investigation into voter fraud around the country. The other state is Virginia and comes as more of a surprise.

California has since come out and called the investigation “a waste of taxpayer money.” Democrats are “a waste of taxpayer money” if you ask us. Do they no remember the Obama years where he freely spent millions on trivial things?

“I will not provide sensitive voter information to a commission that has already inaccurately passed judgement that millions of Californians voted illegally,” a statement said. Except for the fact that we do not know if it took place. That is the reasoning behind the investigation. If we do not investigate if it happened now, we never will. The guilty will get away with it.

There is no way this investigation should not take place. President Trump really can’t do anything with these liberals in charge, can he? Every day we hear of new attacks against him and it seems like they will never stop. We have to work together so that the wishes of the president are met. This appears to be a totally normal investigation that is taking place and there is no reason for this type of behavior.

Until we see a real change come from the way Democrats treat President Trump, we can never move along as a country as fast as we need to. This is a very reasonable request made by President Trump that he cannot get passed because he is a conservative. Republicans have been working hard to try to make America be as safe as possible. Liberals are doing the opposite. Who will win?

(h/t Huff Post)