Fox News Host Quits

Fox News has been having a little bit of trouble as of late and it all stems from their decision to fire Bill O’Reilly. It seems like they don’t really have a good direction to go in right now and they have lost sight on what is important for their network. That has caused rifts between the remaining hosts and employees. What should we do now? Where do we go from here? There seems to be many hosts that don’t really know what they are doing right now and that is causing some people to leave the network entirely. Conservative viewers are leaving in droves and it all goes back to O’Reilly.

Julie Roginsky has officially quite the network. She is currently suing Ailes over sexual harrassment claims and she felt it was time for her to leave. People so far have had mixed reactions for the most part. The widely held belief is that the claims of sexual harassment are largely fabricated.

“Today marks my last episode of The Clapback and my last week at Fox,” Roginshy noted live. “Hopefully you have learned words can cut really deep but you can also stand up to trolls, teach them something bigger and be the bigger woman.”

She goes on, “I have enjoyed it; I have enjoyed you. Than you so much for watching The Clapback, than you so much for watching me on TV all these years. One of the joys in my life was interacting with you, whether it was agreeing with you, or clapping back at you.”

It is unclear what she will be doing with her time going forward. She has been a contributor to the network since she joined in 2011. Before that she was a Democratic strategist. Many of Fox News’s viewers felt that she was far too liberal for the network. That is why it is not very surprising to see them say that they are happy to see her go.

What do you think about her leaving Fox News for good? Do you think the network is better off without her on the air?

(h/t The Hill)